Genes or Something Else?

Last Sunday in the Chicago Tribune there was a big spread of an article on super-agers. What was most interesting to me was not the simple fact that your genes are not the only way to a longer road, BUT the different categories that comprise this group.

The one quote that sticks with me from the article is:

“It’s a myth that the older you get the sicker you get. it’s more like, the older you get, the healthier you’ve been.

The groups fall into three types. They are:

The Survivors: First fall prey to age related disease(s) in their 60’s but deal with it better than others.

Delayers: Their age related illness appears after the age of 80. This group usually can remain independent until their early 90’s.

Escapers: These people make it to 100 without any disease. Almost 15% of them can make it to 110.

I’ve written about super-agers before so I won’t go into what can help place you into one of these categories.
However, the common threads among people highlighted in the article is their unwavering dedication to movement and the continuation of being social.

So, best of luck to you and if you’re reading this post you will most likely become a survivor if not an escaper!