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Growing Older with Gusto

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Recent Episodes

CK – Dynamic Forever

CK Perez, as she is affectionately called at the East Bank Club in Chicago, is 86 years young!  She appears vibrant, in shape, and has the spirit of the color she loves the most — green. Green is...

Deacon Leonard Richardson

This is a story about an 82-year-old man who made a life-altering change at age 50 by allowing his faith, his energy and his love of life, family and friends to steer him into becoming a Deacon at...

Judi Schindler

Judi Schindler a lifelong Chicagoan is a multi-talented woman in her 70’s who has headed a 10 person PR firm for 40 years, become an actor, and an author where she describes one of her biggest life...

Gail (right) with guest Joyce Saxon for episode 1.

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About this Podcast

This is a podcast that will turnaround misperceptions about the aging process and the later stages of our lives.  It will provide a forum through various interviews of people aged 75+ who are growing older in a positive way to dispel the cloud of resistance and fear of growing older that is representative of many baby boomers.  

The podcast will be showcasing people from various walks of life who will discuss what they have done in the past, and continue to do today to give their lives meaning and to grow older with gusto.

Guests who describe what it takes to embrace their later years can energize, and change the focus of GenX’s, Millennials and Baby Boomers who have negative perceptions of this phase of life.

All younger generations can lose their fear of aging, embrace our later years & be another way of this generation making its mark on society.

Gail Zugerman, the host of this podcast,  is an experienced moderator, facilitator, and interviewer who spent the majority of her career as an independent qualitative marketing research consultant. Her expertise in working in the medical, B2B, and consumer markets with the older population provides a springboard for showing the way that our brains are wired to continue growing and achieving all of our lives.