Staying engaged and involved while growing older

Host Gail Zugerman interviews Burt Fendelman a practicing attorney in NYC dedicated to aiding collectors, heirs and others evaluate art work and collectibles for the purpose of understanding the tax implications of gifting or selling of their treasures.

He talks with Gail about how having passion for your work as well as staying connected with others of all ages is essential to growing older with gusto.

Burt Fendelman is a gregarious and energetic 86 year old living in NYC.

He began his career as a tax attorney and got bored with it so changed to a different type of law practice. This enabled him to work in the area of the arts which is and remains a personal passion.

He chats with us on the show about how important it is to maintain personal connections and create new ones as we grow older. His favorite thing to do when growing up was getting to meet new people and not being afraid of new people.

Lose your fear of aging by not thinking about it! Realize that your body is a machine and needs to be serviced. Also, the most important thing is to keep your mind busy.

Volunteer and give back. Being alone is apparently equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes a day.

Learn how to listen and share your experiences with friends.


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