Who Thought of Madeleine Albright as Funny?

Chuckling while reading the WSJ is not a common occurrence these days, and this is just what happened to me this morning. I was always intrigued by Madeleine Albright since she was the first woman to become Secretary of State.

There is an article today highlighting the former Secretary of State and she mentions how at age 82 she was stopped at London’s Heathrow. How irritating that must have been for her, and she recounts how she said to the person pulling her out of line, “Don’t you know who I am?” and they responded, ” No, but we have doctors here who can help you to figure that out.”

She continues to be feisty and mentions that she is an aging resister; exercising with regularity and eating healthfully. Anybody who questions her about how it feels to be getting older is fair ground for her being annoyed with the assumption she isn’t on her game.

Her words are “People who ask me how I feel about getting older are advised to duck as are those who express surprise that a person of my age still has the energy and wit to strong together two or more sentences.”

The article also mentions that her granddaughter who when she was 6 questioned why her grandmother Maddie, a former Secretary of State was such a big deal. The granddaughter explained that in her world being a Secretary of State was a woman’s job; Rice and Clinton being the next female appointees’.

Learning more about the current status of Madeleine Albright was a great diversion for me and I hope this post is for you, too!


  1. Roxanna Gumiela

    Thank you for that fun read. Madeleine sounds feisty and fun – just how we all need to be at this time in our world.


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