Who Is Methuselah and Do We Care?

Happy New Year!
I hope the post title got your attention and here you are!   I’ve always associated Methuselah with someone quite old ,and I came across an article that addresses how to grow older in a way that will have us reach an older age in an enviable position.  What I mean is that you won’t be grumbling ,and you will be happy.
Secrets To Living A Long & An Enviable Life
I’ve written before about the Blues Zones, and how the people living there live the longest and healthiest lives around the planet.  People have researched these areas and written about the results. The New Year has inspired me to write again about these tips on how to age with gusto and since we all need a reminder here goes:
               Do Things Differently
Basically this means put more pep in your step.  Energize yourself by parking further from the door or elevator. Taking steps instead of the escalator.  Take walking trips with a friend.
Practice Hachi Bu
This is a Japanese ritual which is simple. Before starting a meal say to yourself or internalize the following phrase – “eat until you are 80% full”.  Ah, if only it were that easy.  Recent articles on mindfulness have suggested another exercise which is similar. Take a piece of chocolate and eat it very slowly. Savor the mouthfeel and the taste. What’s interesting is how little the amounts of food are that can be satisfying.  The Japanese are on to something.
Dietary Suggestions 
Nothing new here. Eat less red meat, MORE NUTS, a glass of red wine a day
    Become Slower
Those who live longer and well tend to lead slower lives. Research has shown that slowing down your lifestyle will result in less inflammation to your body and help ward off disease. Meditation can help incorporate this slow lifestyle for you.
Grow your tree. This has been said many times before, but it remains essential. Neighbors, friends and family are crucial to the aging process.  Join clubs, volunteer, schedule weekly family dinners, time with friends.
Be with People!
I’m off to energize and hopefully add more wonderful years to my life.  Hope you are, too!


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