Tips for Avoiding Online Dating Scammers with Ardee Krause

Photo of Ardee Krause
Ardee Krause

Today’s episode deals with a topic that many people who are growing older with gusto are encountering — online dating.

Widows, divorcees, and never married women are flocking to online dating sites as another avenue of meeting men.

Our guest today, Ardee Kraus, has had lots of experience in her attempts to widen her circle of friends and meet a new man.

She started out as a widow joining special interest groups hoping to meet men which didn’t happen. This is the reason she turned to online dating. 

Her adventures and misadventures are all captured in this  episode. They are very telling and informative on what to watch out for and how to attract the right type of man.

Ardee has developed a checklist of ways women can identify scammers and here are some of them:

  • Profile Pictures
  • Demographic Information or Profile
  • Initial comments
  • What they ask for
  • Answers to your questions and concerns

Listen to this episode and discover how to identify if someone is scamming or real.

It’s a humorous account from a woman who maintains a positive spirit throughout as she recounts her experiences.

The episode is the perfect length of time for a Spring walk!


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