Thinking About Loss

This is a topic that came up in last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal’s panel discussion.  Six special spokespeople from various industries are asked to comment on what “loss” means to them in the current times.

(Personally, my husband & I lost our 17+ year old snowshoe cat this month and it’s a void in our city life.  Our home is a bit different without him. We take comfort in knowing he lived a long, and luxurious life.)

The one woman who captured my interest on the panel was a woman, Alexandra Cousteau.  Her take on loss relates to the ocean. Not surprising, Because her grandfather was Jacques Yves Cousteau, an oceanographer from my youth!

She believes that now is the time for us to focus on restoring the oceans, and not conserving them.  There is scientific proof that we can still do it!  How?  Cousteau feels we should be spending money on creating new technologies that will help us rebuild the oceans.  The money spent on sending people to Mars, in her opinion, would be better spent on restoration of the oceans. She throws out a stat: 50% of the “productivity”of the oceans is gone!  50% of 70% of the planet.

Personally, I would love to see the oceans restored — far more than seeing people go explore Mars!

Your thoughts?

A Happy Cat