Lee Mowatt and his Aging Academy wisdom

Do you think you will be climbing trees in your 60’s?  Well, our guest on the podcast today not only does that, but does handstands, too!!  This is all after undergoing numerous serious health setbacks.

Lee Mowatt, creator of The Aging Academy Podcast will share nuggets of wisdom he has learned so far in his life and how to apply them to the concept of growing older with gusto.

Here are some of the things we discussed on the podcast:

  • Introduction to The Aging Academy
  • Distinguish between OLDER and OLD
  • What’s up with cultural ageism?
  • How does the past influence the future-or does it?
  • What to do to overcome health obstacles
  • Lee’s Medical Adventures
  • Lee’s YouTube Channel

1 Comment

  1. jen

    This inspiring and hopeful story comes at a fortuitous time. Many people are restricted at home and Lee inspired us to this time to take better care of our bodies, which also has benefits for enriching our spirit. Thank you Lee!


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