Eileen Williams Five Key Ways to Age With Authenticity

Eileen Willams

Our guest on the show this week is Eileen Williams, an author, blogger, speaker and podcast host. Her blog and podcast, both called Feisty Side of Fifty, focus on the lifestyle of the baby boomer generation.

Her career has encompassed 20+ years of working as a career strategist for people looking to change careers. She’s been a frequent speaker on both radio and TV, and has been interviewed for various publications; Market Watch, Money Magazine, Kiplinger to name a few.

Our conversation with Eileen on our podcast, GrowingOlder With Gusto,  focuses on how the years beyond Fifty can be vital, and a time to really do what ever you want. It’s a time where people know themselves better, have more freedom to explore, and can achieve more than they ever imagined.

Eileen shares with our viewers and listeners the Five Key Ways to Age With Authenticity. The Five Keys are:

  1. Identify the Gift of Growing Older
  2. Live with Conscious Intention
  3. Honoring and Sharing Your Unique Talents
  4. Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone
  5. Give Yourself Permission to Thrive

She ends the Episode by telling us about the 3 things our listeners can do daily to grow older authentically.

This show is the perfect episode to inspire you as you start thinking about ways of making a fresh start in 2021!


  1. Mary K Peden

    Eileen’s suggestions for getting older with gusto are really helpful. Watching how we talk to ourselves–our self-talk– might be the most important of all as we all deserve to value ourselves just because we’re here and also because we tend to ‘attract’ life events that match our own opinion of ourselves!

    • Gail Zugerman

      Yes. So well expressed.


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