Curbing sugar addictions with Theresa Nicole

Theresa NicoleOur most recent guest on the show is Theresa Nicole, RDN, CTNC, NLC aka Miss Nutrition® who has made a career out of a life-changing event in her life. Yes, she is now a registered nutritionist and dietician a path that evolved from taking charge of her health issues while in her 20’s.

We spent the entire show talking with Theresa about her life, and how sugar has played a large role in shaping it.

A few of the things we talked about are:

  • How does sugar promote aging?
  • What is your life plan for living healthfully?
  • How do the gut and the brain interact?
  • What does organic food do for us as we grow older?
  • The effects of intermittent fasting on the body
  • The 3 tips for eating well and not feeling deprived.
  • The importance of eating breakfast.

Listen in to this guest!  She is inspiring.  It’s the perfect length for a walk.


  1. Sean Nolan

    This is a very good informative podcast – I know Theresa and she does walk her talk. She eats all organic, non GMO foods and she avoids gluten, sugar, and dairy. I have been inspired to keep myself honest and to eat more fruits and vegetables myself on a daily basis.

    • swinterroth

      Thank you Sean!

    • Gail Zugerman

      Thanks Sean. Hope you will subscribe. Maybe write a review?

  2. Jim Jackson

    I really enjoyed the podcast. I have listened to Theresa talk on other
    nutrition subjects and every time I learn something new and informative.
    She definitely is well versed in nutrition and I love the enthusiasm she brings to nutrition. I highly recommend her course detox for weight loss as that is very informative and very well laid out by topic.

  3. David E.

    Ughhh…, sugar is my weakness although I know it’s terrible for me. This was a great discussion about how to deal with the sugar addiction and cravings. I didn’t know much about glycemic index before listening to this….I’m going to try the coconut sugar and fruits for sweeteners…. Please notify me when you have Theresa Nicole on again, maybe I can learn more…

    • Gail Zugerman

      Thanks for the nice comment! Please feel free to give the Podcast a review. I’d really appreciate it.

  4. Pete J

    This is a great episode! Theresa always has great information to share in her podcast interviews.

  5. Jim Jackson

    I really enjoyed the podcast, I have heard Theresa before and I always
    learn something new when I listen to her talk about nutrition. She
    is very knowledgeable and her enthusiasm shines through when she
    talks about nutrition I highly recommend her course she mentioned on the podcast.

  6. Jack H

    Great episode! I hadn’t known sugar’s effects on aging prior to listening to this episode. That is good to know. I’m also definitely going to try to incorporate more fruits and healthier alternative to sugar, such as honey, as was mentioned. Thanks Gail and Theresa for the great content!

  7. Wayne

    Theresa has a good point with the 21 day challenge as some habits can be kicked or changed for the better

  8. Wayne

    Theresa has a good point with the 21 day challenge as some habits can be kicked or changed for the better.

  9. Wayne

    Theresa definitely has a good point with the 21-day challenge as it does kick or change most habits for the better


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