A Conversation With Douglas Ekman

Douglas Ekman

What if you could be as vital at age 78 as you are right now? Come listen to Douglas Ekman, a Renaissance Man talk about how he got to be “still in the game” at age 78. He just published an exiting new book called “You Are Old,  and will soon be seen on TV and heard on the radio, as a spokesperson for an exciting new product.

Ekman gives so much insight into how we can live our lives so that we can be assured that when we are older — life will be just as good, if not greater than when we were younger!

Take a listen as he explains how his life philosophies, experiences came together and created a life with much gusto!

The interview is the perfect length for a walk!  Enjoy Doug Ekman!


  1. Mary K Peden

    Mr. Eckman is an inspiration. As wildly successful and talented as he is, his gems of wisdom come from a humble heart. As his longevity surely does as well–with a little help from Prevagen!

    A half an hour of listening that’s richly rewarding.

  2. Michelle Blanding

    https://on.soundcloud.com/5yzPpQjU6zeCJSDs8 Will Prevagen help with remembering lyrics , I’m going on 52 and working to break into the music biz ! Keep your chin up is my song I’d love to release in time with the premiere of the fast and furious movie in May 23 ! It mentions the title of movie , Cardi b and John travolta . I write originals and record them in all genres !


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