7 Ways For Grandparents & Grandpeople to Engage with Kids!:

.                                Emphazize Your Inherent Coolness

It’s simple.  Turn your focus to technology and learn about the avenues of the Internet.  This will lead to a new and closer relationship with the kids in your life!  Rid yourself of perceptions that being proficient on the Internet is like learning a foreign language.  The first move on your part is simply to ask the young people  about what they are doing for online activities.  An easy way of easing in to this new type of engagement as recommended by Encore in the Wall Street Journal, is to learn which activities that both you and the great kids have in common.  The WSJ suggests seven opportunities for forging this new type of relationship!


Internet Recommendations


1. Minecraft:  

This is a game that involves building fantasy worlds and is best started in creative mode. It’s a bit like building with Legos on line.  This game allows you to build castles and costs only $27.  You can play with kids all over the world.  Suggest a timed competition.  The game also allows you to chat online.

2.  Genealogy

Working on a family tree provides a great way to introduce the great kids to their relatives they have never met.  Engage them by asking them for details on their immediate family and what they would like to know about unknown relatives.  Younger kids may enjoy an APP called Little Family Tree.

3. Internet Memes:

These are online videos that appeal to they’re-teens and teens.  Younger great kids can enjoy the animal videos.  Become the hipster grandparent/person by inserting some of these cool videos in your emails.

4. Social Media:

This one is a no brainer for staying current with their day to day lives.  Make sure you ask for permission to “follow them”.  Great kids will most likely love to have you follow their photos posted on Instagram or their videos on UTube.  Be sure to like their works and make encouraging comments.

5. Online Games:

Some of the recommended games allow you to chat as you play.  Some games suggested include, Draw Something, Words WIth Friends,Ticket To Ride, imageand Carcassonne. Newer Apps allow for playing games while the great kids text!  A hint; your communication improves greatly if you text and not email them!

6. Get Outside:

Try a treasure hunt outdoors by using Geocaching.  Using the APP on your phone you can find where the local cache is located and find a treasure there.  It takes some time, but it a great way to get exercise, metal stimulation and connect with the great kids.

7. Hands-On Activities:

Go to hobby sites like Instructables, Pinterest or Craftster to locate ideas for making fun things like creating your own soap or building a birdhouse.  There is so much potential for fostering closer relationships between the generations!


Enjoy some of these pursuits duirng the Holidays and let me know how it goes!


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