You Don't Look Your Age

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Sheila Nevins, a documentarian, recently wrote a book entitled, “You Don’t Look Your Age”.  She was imterviewed this morning on the CBS Morning Show and if the book is anything like her it should be a really fun read.
Ms. Nevins is a filmmaker who has won 26 Academy Awards and has focused heir career on making documentaries.   She was super smart in focusing on whatever was in the news.  For example, when the movie Jaws was released she researched sharks and did a documentary on them.
Her latest production is this book of short stories, essays and poetry on aging. One of her essays is titled,
“Gliding Gracefully Into Gravity”.  She laughingly claims ito having a facelift at age 56.   The reason was she didn’t want anyone to mistake her for their grandmother!  Also, she feels to navigate the workplace successfully a woman needs to look younger not older.
Her comments during the CBS interview were accurate and funny.  She claims that woman always have to lie and pretend about their age.  Her assessment of how she feels about this situation can be summed up by her comment: ” I’m a victim and a victor!  I’m like a comfortable couch- a reupholstered one!
Ageism is a topic  that is attracting much attention lately   I will be discussing it in future posts.
Check out her book for an amusing take on growing older.


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