Susan RoAnne

Susan RoAnne, who lives in San Francisco is a whirling woman who exemplifies  how to grow older with gusto!  She is a powerhouse of a woman who laughingly recalls her lawsuit of RoAnne vs. Weinberger in San Fran, and tells of her surprise when she found out it was Casper Weinberger, not her friend from the University of Illinois. You must listen to her on the podcast to learn more about this determined and hilarious woman!   Susan R’s roots are in Chicago, and she believes the midwestern values of “stand-up and speak out” combined with the midwestern work ethic has made her life memorable — so far!  Also, her mom was a good role model who embraced every stage of life, and one of Susan R’s  tips for growing older with gusto is to start your day laughing. Do listen in for a fun and energizing interview!

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