Sing Your Way Forward with Barbara Lewis

Barbara Lewis, a 68-year-old Montreal-based vocalist, talks to us about how singing can be a portal to a happier and more peaceful self as we grow older.

She began her singing journey as a child when she entered herself in a contest. We learn the song she sang to win the contest by her singing it for us on this episode.

The Podcast continues with her sharing her thoughts on singing and how it brings gusto into your life.

Some of the ways:

  1. The power of singing; being spurred into action, takes you back and forth in time, gives you hope
  2. Signing wraps one in emotion which is amazingly powerful

Today, more people are involved in both group and private singing.

She explains the importance of a hormone being released by group singing.

The hormone is ocytocin which is a social bonding hormone.

The episode delves deeply into how singing helps us grow older:

  • it’s never ending
  • Gives a transcendent experience to an audience

The connection between singing and laughing is explained by Barbra. People who take group or private lessons are given exercises to do which at face value seem a bit goofy. They are asked to meow or bark. The purpose is to help open your ears, and remind you of how the muscles are coordinated. The singer with a half-smile is tricking the brain into thinking they are feeling better.

What Wisdom She would Tell Her Younger Self

  1. Perfection lies in Being Yourself
  2. It’s important to take time each day to be quiet.

Her Secrets for Leading A Joyful Life

  1. Find a great partner
  2. Laugh
  3. Do more of what you love to do.

We do a wrap of this episode with Barbara singing one of her favorite songs.  Listen in to hear a great singer!

You can contact Barbara by email at: or go to her YouTube Channel: Singing After 40

Please listen to our podcast at most podcast platforms and our YouTube Channel.


  1. Barbara Lewis

    You did a really fun interview with me, Gail. Thank you! I enjoyed listening to it as well as doing it!

  2. Jerry lack

    Barbara is currently “teaching” me the joy and benefit of singing – which is quite amazing in that I am 77 and in need of a great deal of patience, in addition to instruction and encouragement! If there is anyone Barbara cannot help, I have yet to meet them.

    • Barbara Lewis

      Very generous words, Jerry. I enjoy teaching you very much. I’m happy that it is also a good experience for you. We are just getting started! Best, Barbara.


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