September Birthdays & Reflections

I Just Learned Something Else About September
It’s interesting to learn how our birthdays and birth dates cause us to lean back(!), reflect and celebrate!  My birthday happened again in August, and it was truly a wonderful day.  Why?  Because everybody from all areas of my life reached out to me in some way; phone calls, regular mail, Email,  LinkedIn or Facebook!  It was really special to feel remembered and to be celebrated.
Time Magazine recently wrote about the significance of being born Inc September that piqued my interest.  Why is September such an important month for birthdays? Well, for one thing, the most common birth date is September 9th!  Apparently, according to Time Magazine, September ranks as the most common month for having a birthday than any other month of the year.  Other researchers at Harvard discovered that from the years 1973-1999 the most common birth date was September 19th.  So, which ever birth date in September is celebrated the most, the key commonality still remains the month of September.
The Significance  of A September Birthday
What does all this research imply?  Well,  for one thing…lots of babies are conceived around the holidays which makes sense. I have also read that people with September birthdays do better academically, because they aren’t often the oldest in their grade.
The article in Time also claims that July 4th is the least popular birth date.  Interestingly, I happen to have a handful of friends with birthdays either on the 4th or the 3rd of July.  I guess they are anomalies or I have been around long enough to acquire these people with the nerve to mess with statistics!   Also, I have no September birthdays to celebrate EXCEPT:
A close family member.  So, September family member – you know who you are — congrats on being born in September!


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