Putting Thoughts Into Action!

                         How I Implemented Ideas on How To Grow Older With Gusto

Happy Fall!  Do you now entertain thoughts of looking at fall leaves during long drives, and eating a taffy apple?  Now that I am back in Chicago and hear our temps will be plummeting next week these thoughts have crossed my mind!

Last week took me out to Tucson, Arizona where I spent some quality time being with family, and with great joy, our granddaughters, Addi & Lexi.  They are now 7 and 11. So, being in a different environment (the desert), and spending time with old friends, family members and young people are some of the ways we’ve heard can be a good way to stoke the fires for keeping us young at heart.

The days we were there were full. Dinners with the girls, attending  a concert at the middle school where Addi played the trombone which was amazing and more. Shopping for Halloween costumes, swimming, and going down the water slides with the girls really brought joy and awakened a younger spirit.

The weather in the desert was perfect and I admired the open sky at night, looked at the famous Tucson stars and gazed at the mountains.  Every sense was reawakened and this is a great way to continue to grow older with gusto.

New Report On Best & Worst Places To Age Well

The US News & World Report released its latest list on where to live well as we grow older. Their criteria for creating this list included health, financial security and community.  Here goes:

Best                                                                            Worst


  1. Maine                                                                                   1.Oklahoma
  2. Minnesota                                                                            2. Texas
  3. Wisconsin                                                                            3. W. Virginia
  4. Colorado                                                                              4. Mississippi
  5. Hawaii                                                                                  5. Kentucky



  Trivia Question

What is the most popular birthday?

I will give you the answer in my next posting!  Leave your responses, please!!


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