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Amanda Rees

Amanda Rees Bold CEO

You can be anything you want in life!  Amanda Rees shows us how in her journey from being a biological and chemical engineering graduate to being a co-founder and CEO of BOLD. BOLD is a venture capital-backed startup geared to reducing falls in older people.  Her business is an online program that is customized to individual needs. Currently, people from their 50’s-90’s through 27 states have enrolled in her online courses.

Amanda was inspired by a close relationship with her grandmother which she talks about with us on the show.

Some of the areas we covered on the show are:

  • How did your interest in your startup begin?
  • Tell us all about BOLD.
  • Ageism — What is it?
  • Technology and It’s Influence on Aging

This is an inspiring interview with a young CEO who doesn’t let ageism get in her way.  The perfect length for a walk!

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  1. Margaret Ann Walker

    I am a 79 year old woman who is overweight and was totally out of shape. I joined Bold after completing the 12 week free program because I felt so much better and stronger and had so much more energy. The exercises are easy enough for me to do but they are effective. I like the variety of exercises and instructors.


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