Kerri Kaplan, President and CEO Of The Lustgarten Foundation

Doing what matters.

Kerri Kaplan, Lustgarten CEOThis is what Kerri Kaplan, President & CEO of The Lustgarten Foundation does every day! With this episode, we begin a collaboration between Growing Older with Gusto and The Lustgarten Foundation, the largest organization ‘for pancreatic cancer research, because health is so important as we grow older.  So, Kerri is up first on the show!

You will find Kerri is so very passionate about her work at the Lustgarten Foundation as she shares with us what the Lustgarten Foundation is up to today and how far they have come.  She talks about the “Big Tuna”  and the “Felix” projects which are all promising.  Early detection, treatments, and a cure are all on her radar! Come listen and heighten your awareness about a critical disease for our times.



Host Gail Zugerman shows her support for the Lustgarten Foundation


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