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                                                                64 No More
We all recall the Beatles popular song about reflecting on turning 64!  Will anybody need us or feed us?  Well,  I just read in today’s Wall Street Journal that Malaysia’s New Prime Minister is bumping up 64 to 94!  Mr. Mahathir ruled for 22 years earlier in his life, and now returns to his office in Kuala Lumpur(capital of Malaysia) after ousting the former leader who was involved in a corruption scandal. He won the election in May.
He addressed a conference on aging last week and his strong words were: ” Its good for old people to read, write, and also to quarrel.  It exercises your brain.”  The new leader has taken advantage of being at the helm by chairing a major wealth fund in the country, renewing a feeling of negativity towards Israel, and trying for the job of education ministry.
Years ago when he was in power he tried to construct a new city called Putrajaya.  Currently, about 90,000 people aside there, but it is not considered a cultural hotbed.  It’s an hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, and Mr. Mahathir is bent on making it the city he had envisioned earlier inn his life.  Locals claim business is on the uptick since the election.  There are more stores opening and a new metro lines being planned to connect the city to the business district of Kuala Lumpur.
I feel like a slacker after reading about the resurgence of a 94 year old Prime Minister!
                                                    What is Elderly?
The question came up recently in a conversation with friends.  I know there has been a search for baby boomers to find a replacement name for “seniors”, but at what age do we really consider to be elderly?
Does it depend on whether someone walks with a walker or is otherwise infirm?  Is it age related?  I sometimes feel that it depends on life experiences.  If you have parents that live to a ripe old age and are fairly healthy along the way you tend to bump up the age parameter.
Most people internally feel 15 years younger than they are chronologically. So, getting older is usually 15 years older than your current age.
But, elderly??  I like to think that someone who has made it into their 90’s deserves some recognition,   Maybe a new name for elderly??
What age do you think is elderly?


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