I’m Not Done Yet with Andrew Middleton

“I’m Not Done Yet” is the acronym for a UK based company called INDY. The founder of INDY, is Andrew Middleton. He is a British retired corporate executive who started INDY as a way to help people who are 50+ reinvent themselves, get past being stuck in an older mindset, or facing ageism in the workplace.

Middleton draws upon his own personal and work experiences to help what he refers to as the INDY generation. Most, but not all of his people come from the 60’s and 70’s generation which show no signs of slowing down!

The show describes what he refers to as the 7 INDY tribes that are evolving. Some of his tribes include :

Community – bettering their community
Love – looking for a new life love
Fitness – running a marathon
Entrepreneurial – starting a new business
Ecology— helping the environment

Middleton is using his skills to help people keep going and growing older with gusto. He promotes the INDY identify to empower people, tells inspiring stories and the end result is he helps them to find a new purpose in life.

Come listen to the show as he tells us about the “Clarity Process” he uses with clients to help them get unstuck.

Learn about the lawyer who through INDY is now leading tours through his town in the UK.

It’s a quick listen and perfect for sitting in front of a fireplace to get some inspiration!


  1. Toni Coe-Brooker

    Love this! Really interesting episode.

  2. Mary K Peden

    It’s wonderful to have a company devoted to nurturing the continuing development and contribution to society of people 50+ years of age. As Andrew says, the usual terms used to describe this block of people don’t do justice to what can be a great aliveness, even a rebirthing, around this phase of life. And there are more of us than ever, a huge societal ‘happening.’


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