What Are The Issues That Complicate Growing Older with Gusto for Partners?

The same circles that I use in brainstorming for people who want to change direction in their lives also apply to growing older!  Today’s Wall Street Journal’s Encore section addresses the issues that many people encounter as they grow older.

Physicality, or the feeling of being high energy or low energy comes Ito play especially for couples who are recently retired. Retired people may sense that their energy has vaporized!  This could be due to a change of pace and to not being in a competitive environment.  Learn to enjoy it.

Other physical issues center on how much emphasis a partner puts on looking younger or thinking about the finality of life.  Theses concerns also flow into financial concerns if both spouses are not on the same page about how to physically grow older.

Other issues surround the psychological feelings that partners experience. For example, some people get excited about having more freedom, and see the value to this stage of life while others may focus more on the past and what they should have done differently.  Interestingly, I ask that question to people I interview for the podcast and most people would not do anything differently if they were to awaken and be thirty years younger.

Researchers, according to this article, warn about the downside to being negative about this stage of life. The health of an individual is reflected physically by their mental state.  Having a sense of humor and being joyful can add years of better health AND  is very important as we age.

Another way of growing older with gusto is to try to forgive people and think about what we can be grateful for on an everyday basis.  Some people write down in a journal before going to sleep what they are grateful for that happened during the day.  It then becomes a skill after a few weeks and you can derive the benefit.