Comedienne, Burlesque Star And Singer Performs on Growing Older With Gusto!

Lynn Ruth Miller

Our first episode of the year, 2021 is introducing the oldest living female comedienne.  She claims that is an apt description because she is the “oldest standing female comedienne!

Based in London, Lynn Ruth Miller has been a guest on America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent and recently published her memoir, Getting The Last Laugh a tale of the steps she took to get to where she is at age 87.

Some of the topics we talked about are:

  1. How she got to where she is today.
  2. Pleasant surprises when she got out of her comfort zone.
  3. Her secret sauce for living a fulfilling life.
  4. Early advice in life that she followed.
  5. Why she has lived to 87.
  6. What advice she would give her 40 year old self today.
  7. How she feels about ageism in todays world.
  8. The most important things in life from her vantage point.
  9. What is happiness?

Surprisingly, she ends the episode by singing a song about COVID!!  She has a good voice for singing, and for communicating her wisdom on life!

The interview is a perfect length for taking a walk in nature or kicking back in front of a warm fireplace!


  1. Mary K Peden

    Lynn Ruth is a pure delight. A wonderful blend of humor, wisdom, humility, frivolity, compassion for others and showing, too, the need to have compassion for oneself. A full embodiment of growing old with the gusto and the excitement of living characteristic of youthfulness itself.


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