Bridging The Generations with Benjamin Surmi

Today’s guest on the podcast, Benjamin Surmi, is a  younger person devoted to helping people grow older with gusto.

His background as an activity director, home repair coordinator, & Lifelong Learning Center Director has given him the tools to create new products, and techniques for empowering people in various stages of life.

We talked about his current work which includes:

  • The new era of technology which combines the physical and the technological world
  • Bridging the generation divide
  • The technique called “Humanitude” developed by a company in France that promotes better care for people that are compromised.  It’s based on communication techniques and an online course is available.
  • A description of the Koelsch community
  • Predictions on how new products and techniques will combine to provide a better quality of life for everyone as we grow older.
  • The importance of lifelong learning

Take a walk & listen in as Ben Surmi brings us up to date with modalities and products designed to help us grow older with gusto. You can reach Ben at:

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