Adapt or Disappear with John Manhold

Adapt or disappear is the mantra of our guest, John Manhold. John is an amazing Renaissance man who at age 102 just finished writing his latest book.  His many interests and his ability to keep transforming allows for him to continue being vital.  He has lived an incredible life, and he shares his secrets for adapting with us in this podcast episode.

He has been able to simultaneously work as a research scientist, pathology professor, world lecturer, internationally renowned sculptor, and licensed US Coast Guard Merchant Marine. Also,  he is a survivor of WWII and the Korean War.  Free time finds him golfing and boating.

Conversation in this episode:

What advice does he give for living to the Century mark? I’ll give you a few of his thoughts, and listen to this podcast episode to really learn the secret sauce for living a well-lived life up to, and past 100.

A few nuggets:

He tells us how his nomadic lifestyle gave him great pleasure and was a stimulating way to live.  Younger people need to study history, moderate their usage of “new-fangled items,” and learn the difference between listening and hearing.

The one thing that has given him strength throughout his life is the belief in a higher power.  He jokes on the podcast by saying, “There are no atheists in foxholes!”

Today he keeps busy reviewing books for Amazon. His webpage is:

Please listen to this latest episode  on your favorite podcast platform and watch him on our YouTube Channel: Growing Older With Gusto

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  1. Mary K Peden

    Mr. Manhold is a real inspiration. His experience with many different people, cultures and places, along with his knowledge of the world religions certainly has given him a deep appreciation for humanity as a whole–in its many different expressions. And that universal understanding has a vitality perhaps like no other!


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