A conversation with pancreatic cancer survivor Ken Brown

I had the pleasure of recently having Ken Brown, as a guest on our podcast Growing Older with Gusto. Ken is the third person in our collaborative series we are doing with The Lustgarten Foundation. The Lustgarten Foundation is the largest foundation solely dedicated to the research of pancreatic cancer. All administrative expenses are underwritten, and donations go directly to research.

Ken Brown being surprised at his 70th birthday party!

This is what we talked to Ken about on the podcast:

  • Talk about your life pre and post-diagnosis. What has changed for you?
  • Your glass is always totally full. Tell us about how you maintain your great attitude while being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
  • What goals have you set up for yourself in the future?
  • How do relationships impact your health and recovery?
  • You maintain a work out schedule and a specific diet. Talk to us about what it is that helped you during your treatment and post-treatment.
  • Describe to us how helpful The Lustgarten was to you upon receiving your diagnosis and afterward?

This interview provides so much energy and information to everybody. Its a perfect length to listen to while you take a walk!




Host Gail Zugerman shows her support for the Lustgarten Foundation


Engage with us. How did you like our last guest on the Show?


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